U2byUV - BIO

For more than a decade, U2 by UV has been taking both U2 fans and newcomers alike on the most realistic trip through the history of U2's music.
This isn’t a cover band, it is an authentic U2 concert experience, which has been seen on stage from Honolulu to the Cayman Islands, from Dallas to DC, and from Daytona to Denver. For two-plus hours, U2 by UV will make you believe that you’re in the middle of the Hollywood Bowl, seeing the band in its prime. Accompanied by multimedia video elements that hearken to some of the bands most iconic live performances, you'll be amazed at how close U2 by UV mimics the Irish rock
legends, from their dress to their sound to, most importantly, their performance.


Michael Schmidt, as Bono, provides even the most die-hard U2 fans with honest, authentic performances from the early days of “Boy” all the way through U2’s last Joshua Tree 2019 Tour. Michael is the consummate pro, able to hit Bono’s wide dynamic range with a truthful delivery and attention to every detail of Bono’s mannerisms.

The band carries well over one hundred years of combined stage experience, and the show is enhanced by a multimedia video accompaniment that borrows from real U2 shows of the past. There is a reason that U2 by UV is considered one of the best tribute bands in America. They deliver results time and time again, in a professional and polished manner.

Whatever the price of admission, U2 by UV never fails to fulfill the promise of an authentic concert experience.

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